The Raptor Who Would Be King
Season 1, Episode 26
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Air date October 6, 1997
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The Dinosaur Prophecy The Return of Argor

Bad Rap conspires with a fake-queen to overthrow the rightful Queen and replace her with her husband. The team set out to thwart their plans and protect their royal friend Prince H.


Bad Rap joins forces with a pair of snooty minor nobles, Lord Wilfred and Lady Sheila. The Lord and Lady seem hate cold weather as much as the Raptors do.

Together they hatch a plan to make Lord Wilfred the new king (though Bad Rap would be real power behind the throne), and to find a way to eliminate cold, rainy weather.

Upon learning of their plans, the team, their friend Prince H, and Nigel Moorehead to rescue the Royal Family and manage to unseat the usurper's before they can complete their global warming plans.

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