Extreme dinosaurs stegz 01
Vital statistics
Position Scientist (Engineer)
Age Over 65 million years old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7 feet
Weight 400 lbs

Stegz is a Godzillasaurus who is the team's technological specialist and the most contemplative of the four. He can curl his body into a destructive saw blade, using the plates on his back as its cutting edge.


Stegz is intelligent and invents much of the equipment and weapons the team uses. He created a radio headset for all the team to keep in contact with each other.


Stegz is apple green and wears purple shorts and black boots.


In "Inevitable Eggztinction" Stegz builds hover cars for himself, T-Bone and Spike to get around.


  • Stegz is voiced by Samuel Vincent.
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