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Spittor-extreme-dinosaurs 10.jpg
Vital statistics
Position Scientist
Age Over 65 million years old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Spittor is considered the brains of the Raptors.


Spittor can use his brains, speed and agility to defeat the Extreme Dinosaurs when the battle starts to get difficult. Like Haxx and Bad Rap, he also gets quick-tempered which means that the victory of the Extreme Dinosaurs gives him a short fuse. Spittor and Haxx tend to get in each other's faces, much to Bad Rap's annoyance.

He easily tends to talk with a lisp. In "Jurassic Art," he has a touchingly close relationship with his aunt. He remembers the fond memories and can be seen giving a somber and bittersweet farewell to her. He can be seen having tears fall down his face in the episode's ending. Unlike both raptors, he's capable of having empathy. He can use many different liquids in his tank that are sticky, slippery or wet.


He is mulberry-purple with a white shade on his neck, chest and feet. Spittor wears no clothing and carries a tank of various liquids released from nozzles on his hands, tail, and mouth. He has the same eye color like Haxx and also has a shark like fin on the back of his head.


Spittor made his first appearance in "Out of Time" after he was mutated into a ferocious raptor who is capable of using weaponry, intelligence, agility, speed and brains to defeat the Extreme Dinosaurs and achieve the goal of turning Earth's lush forests into a prehistoric landscape. Unfortunately, the Raptors plan fails every time when the Extreme Dinosaurs become the guardians of humanity.

After all, Spittor still lives up to his name because of his scientific skills.


  • Spittor is voiced by Terry Klassen.
  • Spittor was never released as a figure in either toyline, though a rumor of a mail away called 'Dinovision Spittor' ran rampant, but has been proven false.
  • Between the Street Sharks crossover and the main series, Spittor changed colors.