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Extreme dinosaurs spike 04.jpg
Vital statistics
Position Warrior (Resident chef)
Age Over 65 million years old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7 feet
Weight 400 lbs

Spike is a genetically enhanced Triceratops with one broken horn who is the Extreme Dinosaurs' martial arts expert and the residential chef.


Despite his eagerness to fight, Spike tends to look after a garden in his free time. In one episode, he gets jealous of Hard Rock. He also has a heart of gold and confidence to match.


Spike is iceberg blue with a dark purple under his tail and wears brown shorts, brown leg bands, a yellow belt, and is always barefoot.


In "Raptoroid", Spike became a pro wrestler for a brief time. Spike later obtained a laser with the ability to fire ice beams in "Dialing for Dinosaurs."


Spike was released multiple times, in the first wave, Dino-Vision where he could extend his neck, and as Hunter Spike from the Battle Paint series.


  • Spike is voiced by Cusse Mankuma.
  • In the Sharks crossover, Spike found himself butting heads, literally, with Jab.