Out of Time
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date September 1, 1997
Written by Robert Askin, Reed Shelly
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Sixty-five million years ago a renegade alien scientist, Argor Zardok visited prehistoric Earth through a trans-dimensional gateway. Surprised to find dinosaurs in evidence, he hit on the idea of using the dinosaurs to assist in his ambitions for conquest against his home-world of Quadrainia. Using advanced technology, he mutated four dinosaur test subjects and imbued them with enhanced intelligence. But when Argor attempted to command his creations he discovered he had given them too much intelligence. The dinosaurs quickly deduced why he had created them and decided to stand against him.

Ditching his first, failed batch of dinosaur warriors, Argor transformed three new dinosaurs; this time making them less intelligent, but more vicious and open to suggestion. He also outfitted them with futuristic weapons. Finding his new creations more amenable, he set about creating an entire army of dinosaur minions.

Before Argor could make further progress on his dinosaur army, his two batches of mutated animals faced-off against one another. In the wake of their struggle, one of the raptor's weapons started an atmospheric chain reaction that hurdled prehistoric earth into the next Ice Age. To escape the planet-wide devastation, Chedra Bodzak and both groups of dinosaurs took refuge in deep-freeze chambers aboard Chedra's damaged alien craft, while Argor abandoned his creations and attempted to flee back to his own dimension.

65 million years later, archaeologists discovered the spaceship and unwittingly activated the cryo-chambers, reviving the dinosaurs and releasing them on the modern world. The Raptors, led by Bad Rap, Spittor and Haxx wished to find Argor and continue with his plans, while Chedra and the good natured dinosaurs, consisting of T-Bone, Bullzeye, Spike , and Stegz teamed up to stop the Raptors.

Chedra, along with T-Bone and his team, set up a base of operations at a remote, roadside dinosaur museum run by Porcupine McVells, who isn't overly surprised when confronted with living dinosaurs and an alien because he lives in the vicinity of Roswell and had gotten used to seeing strange things. In addition to the problems created by the Raptors, the group is also forced to elude Dr. Becky Scarwell and her top secret government task force, who consider dinosaurs running free a threat to national security.

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