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Have a Nice Daynosaur
Season 1, Episode 19
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Air date September 25, 1997
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Lunar Toons Bones of Contention

Upon finding Argor's ship, T-Bone, Spike, and the Raptors end up in an alternate dimension inhabited by humanoid dinosaurs and a female Quadranian. The Raptors use their Aggression Activator device to turn the local raptors to their side. With the help of an inhabitant named Hard Rock, T-Bone and Spike must thwart the Raptors newest plan.


The Raptors and the Dinosaurs discover Argor Zardok's inter-dimensional ship, which Bad Rap uses to send them all to a hot, tropical planet in another dimension, full of intelligent humanoid raptors. Unfortunately for Bad Rap, these raptors are mellow, contended, and courteous: they're everything Bad Rap despises.

Meanwhile, T-Bone and Stegz are also confused by the peaceful raptors, but finds them harmless. The pair also run into Hard Rock, an Ankylosaur working as a bouncer in the local juice bar owned by his Quadrainia friend Ardeca.

Once Bad Rap uses the Raptor's Aggression Activator ray to make the local raptors turn violent. Hard Rock helps T-Bone stop them, unfortunately, his heroism leaves Hard Rock stranded back on the team's earth.

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