Extreme dinosaurs bullzeye 00
Vital statistics
Position Warrior (Areal-attacker)
Age Over 65 million years old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7 feet
Weight 300 lbs

Bullzeye is a genetically enhanced Rodan whose chief weapon is a shriek of ear-splitting frequency.


Bullzeye is lazy and given to impulse buying things from shopping channels. He is also the playful and fun member of the group.


Bullzeye is maroon and wears yellow pants, black shoes (which his claws protrude through), and a gold necklace. He also possesses a wrist gun on his left hand.


In "Bullzeye Surfs the Web" one of the Godzilla Babies tried to ground him by holding his leg. Bullzeye continued to fly easily until the baby Godzilla was forced to let go.


  • Bullzeye is voiced by Jason Gray-Stanford.
  • Being a Rodan, Bullzeye is technically not a dinosaur.
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