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Argor Zardok
Argor-extreme-dinosaurs-2 29.jpg
Vital statistics
Position scientist/war lord
Age over 65 million years old
Status Active
Physical attributes

Argor Zardok is a Quadrainian from the planet Quadrainia. Argor was a once considered a brilliant scientist by his people. But it was eventually discovered that he had been preforming illegal genetic experiments on alien life-forms. Peace-officer Chedra Bodzak perused him as he attempted to flee his planet in a stolen ship. Argor soon arrived on Earth during the Mesozoic era and transformed several native animal species into his personal soldiers. His first batch, a Tyrannosaurus calling himself T-Bone, a Stegosaurus calling himself Stegz, a Pteranodon calling himself Bullzeye and a Triceratops who called himself Spike quickly turned against him upon gaining sentience and learning that Argor intended to use them as weapons to harm other life-forms. Argor in turn abandoned them and genetically enhanced several more dinosaurs. These later creations (calling themselves, the Raptors) agreed to fight for their benefactor.


  • Argor Zardok ended up causing the K-T Event by equipping Bad Rap with a supremely-powerful weapon.